The Amazing Wall-E

Our Favorite Monsters: Mike and Sulley

When Revoltech released Monster Inc: Mike and Sulley, it was out of stock before I can even lay my hands on it. So you can just image how many toy stores I’ve scouted just to get these two. Months turns to years, still no luck. 

Then I saw it again, last week! It was so unexpected, because I remember reading on-line that they discontinued manufacturing these. So you can guess, what happened next šŸ˜…, big smile and empty wallet. 



Hi! I’m Baymax! You’re personal healthcare companion. 



Stranded 01 Stranded 02 Stranded 03

This is a Strawberry Nano Danbo. It is smaller than a mini danbo hence the name, standing approximately 3 cm tall. Another sweet and kawaii addition to my toys.




Been absent with toy photography, I miss taking pictures of my little buddies. This isĀ Arisa, literal meaning is “there is sand”, but as per Kimmidoll her name meansĀ Brave.

Woody + Jessie

Before they belonged to Andy, and way before Buzz and Jessie….there was Woody and Jessie.

Toothless the Night Fury

Ladies and gents, I present you theĀ fastest, smartest and the rarest dragon of all…….Toothless the Night Fury.



I just love this dragon, makes me wish I really own one. LOL!